October 31st: “Insidious, Implicit Bias”

To endure implicit bias is to suffer a series of tiny, cruel papercuts, one after another. Fred Spannaus, the Human Relations Commission’s Investigator, will tell stories of implicit bias and suggest how to recognize it where it’s hardest to see — in ourselves.

November 7th: ‘Bringing our 5th Principle Home’

In this Ted Talk, Hajer Sharief, a young Libyan woman, explains how she learned the importance of democracy from her childhood family’s weekly meeting where they discussed issues regarding the running of their household. She applies these lessons to the importance of all people having voice in … read more.

November 21st: ‘The Power of a Single Decision’

Sometimes, a single decision can change the course of history. We’ll watch journalist and author Isabel Wilkerson as she tells the story of the Great Migration, the outpouring of six million African Americans from the Jim Crow South to cities in the North and West … read more.