Speaker: Dr. Eric Freyfogle

October 14th: “Faith and Public Morality” Eric Freyfogle

Oct. 14: “Faith and Public Morality” with Eric Freyfogle
Despite its outward decline, Christianity for centuries has supplied the vocabulary and force for Western public morality. Is there a secular substitute strong enough to keep us together? Joyce Throneburg will be service leader.

October 22: Eric Freyfogle

The Privatization of Hope with Eric Freyfogle
Hope remains alive in America for individuals striving to get ahead.  But what about our longstanding hopes as a social whole, for the continued flourishing of our common good? Eric uses the new book We: Reviving Social Hope as a point … read more.

The Temper of Our Times

Dr. Freyfogle, law professor at U of I, returns. “Cultures commonly include key values, hopes, and mental frames that fit together rather poorly; that rub against or even collide with one another. In our tumultuous times, cultural clashes are potent, highly visible, and troubling, if … read more.