March 20: Spring Equinox w/Ruth Souther

Spring Equinox is an important part of the Pagan celebrations as it denotes the change in seasons and the promise of survival to the ancient Celts. By March, optimism was the driving force as the ground thawed and the possibility of new growth to sustain the tribes. It was not, however, the fertility holiday that surrounds the modern day adaptation of hiding colored eggs to denote rebirth. To the modern day Pagans, Spring Equinox is about balance, perspective, recharging, and spiritual growth. For the children, there are dying eggs and wearing of fairy wings, much dancing and singing, of course, just for the sheer fun of knowing the Earth is warming and we will soon be outside.

Ruth Souther has been practicing in the Metaphysical & Natural arts for 30 years. She is an initiated Priestess through Diana’s Grove, and a Master Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator, Master Reiki Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Ritualist and Minister. She holds a Masters in Shamanic Intuitional Practices and a Doctorate of Shamanic Psychospiritual Studies through Venus Rising University and is an Initiated Priestess. She is also the author of The Heart of Tarot (an intuitive guide to the cards); Vega’s Path: The Elemental Priestess and three novels. She is also a contributing author and board member/Chief Editor of Crystal Heart Imprints – an independent co-operative press that support and guides both authors and artists in their creative projects. You can reach her at 217-341-2768 or and view upcoming events at or