June 3rd: “Processed Food equals Processed People?”

Processed Foods = Processed People?

Since the advent of the field of food science in the early 1900s, food scientists have concocted many thousands of processed foods that have come to dominate grocery store shelves.  In 2016, over 21,000 new products were introduced.  Many of the processed foods contain additives, natural and synthetic.  There are over 9000 additives approved by the government for use in commercial foods.  Should we be consuming all these substances?  Mel Weinstein, the producer of the Food Labels Revealed Podcast and the “self-processed prophet of processed foods” will talk about food labels, the purposes and health concerns of some ingredients, and how we, in Central Illinois, are living in the breadbasket of food additives.  Bring your thinking caps!  There will be questions and prizes.  Mary Lovell will be service leader.