February 27th: Something to Talk About: Finding Civil Discourse in a Polarized World – Amber Lusvardi, Millikin University

In a time when many everyday issues feel politicized and social media is an outlet for almost anyone to express a political opinion, it may be necessary to update our toolkit on how to talk to people with a different point of view. How do we engage in civil discourse with people from the opposite side of the political spectrum? How do we find mutual respect with a friend we are tempted to “unfriend?” Is common ground possible in our current climate?

Amber Lusvardi is an instructor of political science at Millikin University and PhD Candidate at Purdue University. She studies how gender justice issues ascend legislative agendas with a specific focus on how social movements frame issues. She lives in Mt. Zion with her daughters, her husband, and her dog Dillon. In her free time, she is an avid reader, public radio enthusiast, and very slow runner.