“A Theology that is All Yours” with Sara Cothern and Shelli Brunner

We have a shared set of Principles, but we may have our individual ways of approaching and assembling them. We’re going to be doing our exploration guided by “Building Your Own Theology,” by Richard St Gilbert. Volume 1, 2nd edition.

Copies can sometimes be found on Thrift Books or other book resale websites, or you can obtain a digital copy at the following link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Vw5pXdiLqg6eIBAQhaSbL074D-CDYmeT/view?ts=64bbf4c7. Please email Sara Cothern (sarakate@lovelltroy.org) if you have difficulty getting a copy.

To prepare for our first session, please read the introduction and the preface. When we meet on Aug. 20, bring your book, as well as a notebook and pen (or laptop/tablet). If you have not completed the reading, come on along anyway!