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October 30th: Take My Hand….Lead Me On

TAKE MY HAND … LEAD ME ON – Mark W. Sorensen

 Long-time UUFD member Mark Sorensen will note the 90th anniversary of famous Gospel music composer Thomas A. Dorsey’s best-known hymn, “Take My Hand, Precious Lord” which was added to the UUA SINGING THE … read more.

9/25: “Cosmic Divine Love”

One of my favorite lines from the Bible says “One who loves, knows God, for God is

Love.” But, so many think of God as wrathful! Our Universalist traditions paint a

wonderful vision of perfecting love infusing all of life from the Infinite Source of Our

Existence. What … read more.

9/11: “Belonging to the Whole World”

We belong to people, places, and times. No person is an island and we truly need each

other and others need us. How do we belong to this planet we all share? How do we

build transformative possibilities into our lives?

August 21: “Faith Healing” w/ Rev. Charley Earp

One of my favorite songs from childhood is “Brother Love’s Traveling Salvation Show” by Neil Diamond. It vividly evokes the revivalistic experiences of growing up Pentecostal. Does “faith healing” have anything to do with progressive religion today?