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Dear Ones,

June has arrived and so it is time to say a final Good-bye.

Before goodbye was shortened to its current one-word form, the phrase spoken upon parting was “May God be with you.”  While we all have different meanings for the word “God” (a deity, Love, the Good, etc.) we do share a common intent upon uttering the word goodbye.  We do this because we wish the other(s) well; to be safe from harm, to be healthy, to feel secure, to experience an abundance of resources in their lives from that point forward, and so on.

My hope and prayer for this month is to have a good goodbye with all of you.  I invite you to stop by my office, if you haven’t done so already, and share a personal goodbye.  We’ll say goodbye more formally in the Flower Communion service on the 10th and during a reception on the 17th.

Whenever and however we part, I leave you with a blessing:  May you live a life of wholeness, fulfillment, and abundance.  May you be happy and healthy.  May you continue to nourish and grow your soul.  May you be held in Love by your community.  And as we part, let us part in peace, with kindness on our lips and gratitude in our hearts.

Goodbye, Amen, and Blessed Be

Rev. Michelle

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