Ministerial Musings

Dear Ones,

This month I am offering a class called “An Introduction to Unitarian Universalism.”  Despite its name, I hope you will all consider attending – even those of you who have been life-long Unitarians or Universalists.  This is meant to be a time we can all explore this living tradition of ours together and forge deeper connections.  Those of us who have been around awhile can meet and get to know the newer folks and share our individual perspectives.  Those of you who are new or newer can ask whatever questions are on your mind and get a better idea of what it might mean to be a UU.  Perhaps you’ll even decide to become a member!

Also, this month we’ll be continuing on with Art Night.  This is a time for you to get in touch with your inner spirit (or inspiration) in a fun and supportive atmosphere.  You can bring your own project or use the materials provided.  If you haven’t touched a crayon or marker since elementary school, that’s okay!  The Art Night experience is meant to be more of a meditation than a fine arts class.  There’s a reason all those adult coloring books are so popular!

Lastly, I hope you will consider engaging more deeply with our Touchstones themes.  Materials come out in the monthly newsletter, the weekly eBlast and on facebook.  If you haven’t been by facebook in a while, check it out.  Dick Zaker has been very busy improving our page with lots of content.  I bet he’d be thrilled if you’d reply to one of his posts!  (And if you are one of our many Admins, remember to switch to posting with your personal name – otherwise it looks like UUFD spends an awful lot of time talking to itself!)  If you’d like to get to know the children and youth better, ask them about what they’re learning in RE (religious exploration) – remember they’re learning about the same theme as the adults!

In faith,

Rev. Michelle

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