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Sept. 27: No One Said It Had To Make Sense

Available via Live Stream! with Jake Hearon.

Sometimes we fall into a situation and allow our intuition to make our choices for us, only to realize later how complicated things can be. In the midst of a pandemic and civil unrest, Jake … read more.

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Dick Zaker
UUFD has been my religious and intellectual home for more than 20 years. Plus, the people here are just so interesting
Vern Thistlethwaite

I am a member of UUFD because I wish to be a part of fellowship of people who work to improve the lives we touch without asking us to subscribe to supernatural beliefs.

Joyce Throneburg

For 30 years I have been a member UUFD where we value respectful debate, spiritual renewal, commitment to the common good. My husband and I raised our children here and have developed many deep friendships that we cherish.

Amy Stockwell

In addition to the good friends I have made here, being a member of UUFD connects me to the long and rich history of Unitarian Universalism on behalf of social justice.