This Sunday

October 25: “The Impact of Childhood Trauma on the Developing Brain” – Jill Reedy, Assistant Regional Superintendent

Childhood trauma exists in our classrooms and society. Learn how trauma rewires the developing brain and how one caring adult can make all the difference.

Jill Reedy is our speaker for this service. Ms. Reedy. Ed.S, is the assistant regional superintendent of the Macon-Piatt Regional Office … read more.

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Dick Zaker
UUFD has been my religious and intellectual home for more than 20 years. Plus, the people here are just so interesting
Vern Thistlethwaite

I am a member of UUFD because I wish to be a part of fellowship of people who work to improve the lives we touch without asking us to subscribe to supernatural beliefs.

Joyce Throneburg

For 30 years I have been a member UUFD where we value respectful debate, spiritual renewal, commitment to the common good. My husband and I raised our children here and have developed many deep friendships that we cherish.

Amy Stockwell

In addition to the good friends I have made here, being a member of UUFD connects me to the long and rich history of Unitarian Universalism on behalf of social justice.