Rev. Michelle LaGrave

May 20 – “Making Your Own Mark”

Join us for this multi-generational service in which we explore what it means to be part of a beloved community. What gifts do you bring to your community? Which gifts do you receive from your community? (The annual congregational meeting is after the service.)

March 18: Rosa Parks

At this service, we will remember and reflect on the work and wisdom of Rosa Parks. Rev. Michelle LaGrave to lead this service at 10:15am.

Humility and the Loss of Self

Join us for an exploration on the theme of humility. Is humility a virtue? What do the world’s religions have to contribute to this idea? How do ideas about Humility and the Self intersect or contradict each
other?  Mark Branscum with Rev. Michelle LaGrave

February 4th: Loves Calls on Us

Love Calls Us On – Where does Love call us?  What does Love ask of us?  What does it mean to tolerate one another?  Join us for a lively exploration of this month’s theme.  Rev. Michelle LaGrave will lead this service beginning at 10:15am.

Festivals of Winter: Rev. Michelle LaGrave

December is full of holidays and holy days from Hanukkah to the Solstice and from Christmas to Kwanza.  We’ll look at what the world’s religions bring to this season of hope.  Joyce Throneburg will serve as service leader.