Ministerial Musings

Dearest Ones,

I open with what some might consider to be a bold statement:  The gift of the spirit resides in all of us.  Yes, all of us.  Whether we consider ourselves to be humanist, atheist, panentheist, agnostic, theist or maybe a little bit of all of the above, depending on the day; we all have spirit.  We breathe in. (inspire)  We sing. (spirituals)  We experience creativity. (inspiration).  We cheer. (spirit)  We are influenced by leaders of great moral courage. (inspired)  Definitions of spirituality or what it means to be spiritual abound.  But regardless of the specific definition any one person brings to the word, or whether one considers its source to be from within or without the self, spirituality is a broad and universal concept which encompasses a search for meaning in life.

This month I am introducing a new program called Spiritual Art Play.  This program is open to all, regardless of theological or philosophical orientation.  The format is that of an open studio.  You can bring projects you are already working on or explore the materials made available for the evening.  Its purpose is to get in touch with the inner self; to explore, discover, and create new meaning(s) in life.  There is much to the life we humans experience on a subconscious level.  Art, in all of its forms, can bring those experiences forward to the realm of the conscious, leading to new insights and paths to personal growth.  Though many of us may explore our creativity alone and at home, I hope you will consider joining us for an evening of exploration within community.  Even if you do not consider yourself an artist or haven’t picked up a crayon since elementary school or believe that art is not your thing, this is for you.  I hope you will join us.

With Love,

Rev. Michelle

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