Ministerial Musings

Dear Ones, The Touchstones theme for the month of October is Radical Hospitality.  Radical hospitality is a radical welcoming in of the other.  It is not the hospitality of using our best china and serving fine food which the word typically calls to mind.  Rather, radical hospitality requires a shifting within us; an opening of … Continued

Ministerial Musings

Dearest Ones, Summer is almost upon us.  It has been a good and full church year, though a few weeks remain.  A new slate of officers has been elected and the transition to new leadership has begun.  It is interesting to me that in many ways our UU church year reflects the old cycles of … Continued

Ministerial Musings

Dearest Ones, I open with what some might consider to be a bold statement:  The gift of the spirit resides in all of us.  Yes, all of us.  Whether we consider ourselves to be humanist, atheist, panentheist, agnostic, theist or maybe a little bit of all of the above, depending on the day; we all … Continued

Ministerial Musings

Dearest Ones, Have you ever been transformed?  Not changed or grown, but transformed?  Can you recall a time when you re-made yourself into something new?  Change and growth is necessary to all of us; we have all changed and grown over time.  But transformation is something deeper; it requires a re-making or a re-birth.  A … Continued

Learn the Hymns – Every Sunday at 10 am!

Ever wished you were more familiar with the hymns chosen for the service?  Or maybe you just love to sing?  Join us at 10 am each Sunday for hymn practice.  We’ll practice the same hymns that were chosen for that Sunday’s service, so you’ll always be ready to sing!

Ministerial Musings

Dearest Ones, I am a member of a Decatur clergy group which meets monthly at various churches around town.  Recently, the nature of our meetings changed.  We began sharing our stories with each other.  Connections have grown and deepened and, I believe, will make a difference in our work together.    Last month, we talked about … Continued

Food Labels Revealed Podcast

UUFD member, Mel Weinstein has produced 8 podcasts shedding light onto the sometimes mysterious food labels found on processed food containers. Although using a light-hearted, easy to unde and rstand approach, Mel’s experience as a research analytical chemist at a multi-national food ingredient company is apparent. Available at YouTube, iTunes, etc.,these podcasts are informative and entertaining.

T-Shirts Are In!

If you ordered one of our new blue UUFD t-shirts, it’s in!  If you haven’t ordered and would like to, some extras are available.  Adults – $10, Children – $8.  Please see Joyce Throneburg to pick up or order your t-shirts.